Last days in Vietnam

It’s been a long day without my friend and I tell you all about it when I’m see you again….

It’s been really long time since I posted my last vietnam days.. and I missed few of the days of my trip because I was being lazy.

Last days when I haven’t posted my blog were individual tough schedule and filled with my laziness to my dear blog 😹

Anyway, here I am!

Where should I start from?
Ummm.. maybe from arriving resort station. My real start of vacation which means doing nothing 🤗


What I did in Hue is ..


staying around the pool


having breakfast



staying around the pool again


sometimes reading a book -still I’m reading this book haha..


,sometimes walking around the resort


FullSizeRender 105

,watching the sunset in the pool and having dinner in the restaurant situated right next to the pool



and taking a bubble bath for good night


those were all I did in the resort.

After this break times..

I moved to Da Nang by this modern train.


The rail straights through the shoreline. I could enjoy the nice view.



After arriving in Da Nang, what I did was just eating nice food and shopping for my-self.
There has a oil named Cajuput which costs really cheaper than massage shop.

And this is what I ate in Da Nang.


There are so many restaurants recommended on the blog.

Just one thing I want to recommend!



That is coconut jelly.

I found this place near the dragon bridge. Local people bought this while they drove down the street and this dessert shop was filled with local people. People who visits Da Nang should try this all!! It was my numero.1 recommended Vietnamese style dessert.


Anyway it’s been a long time since I visited Vietnam.

See you soon wherever in the world.




Today was my real start of vacation cuz I was going to the beach resort. Okay! Let’s talk about the resort later.

First I went on a tombs tour. I booked the tour when I arrived in Huế. It was about $10 including lunch buffet. In the morning, bus picked us up and took us to the three major tombs.

Tombs were huge and magnificent because those kings believed in the afterlife. So it felt like they built their afterlife palace.

And also this dynasty existed kinda mordern times so few of structures or styles affeted by french.

It was really hot day.

I sweated sweated 💦

The entrance of second tomb was really high and exotic.

But the last one was really massive than the other tombs. And the tour guide told me that the king almost lived in the tomb – tombs are kinda palace to them. He made a garden and pond on the tomb. It was really good place to write a poem – actually he did.

After this, we had a luch and I went to the beach resort 💙

My real vacation started.

The hotel sent me and my friend a taxi.

We took a taxi and headed to the beach resort which is 30min far from the Huế city.

And near the resort, there is nothing to look around or nice restaurant. Just local people live there. I wanted to look around the town by bicycle but I was busy with enjoying my vacation so I couldn’t.

When I arrived at resort. It was almost sunset time.

So I enjoyed the time that sun goes down with swimming in infinity pool.

The weather was not that good at first day cuz it was foggy and little rainy.

But it was nice to enjoy the water for me at least it didn’t rain fiercely.

Wow!! My real vacation is really about to start!! Let’s talk about it tomorrow!! XOXO 😘

Huế, Vietnam Day 3 – 19th May 2017

On the morning,

We took a sleeping bus and went to Huế.

Sleeping bus has unusual designed seat. It has 2layers and we had to come upstairs without ladder 😮

We were arranged 2 stairs so we had to come upstairs – we were too small to go up cuz we r just small girls just 1.6m…


It was extraordinary. For me it was kinda adventurous. But my friend has acrophobia, she had to fight with her fear on our 4hrs journey 😨

And finally we arrived in Huế.

Huế was the capital city of last Vietnamie’s dynasty.  It was nice historic city but I was disappointed by local peopl in Huế. They treated turists as just for money.

When we were about to arrive, some motorists dragged out carriages, took us to the hotel and asked too much money. They asked about $10 to us, it is about 5times more expensive than taxi price.

The reason why I was upsetting is their saing

oh, you guys are tourists just give some more money.”


While I am on a travel, the first impression of the city handles the image of the city and people. And they ruined my first impression. But I tried to make up my feeling. Later, it was getting fine after meeting nice people and food.

After checking in the hotel and unpacking our bagages, we headed straight to the royal palace.

Actually I was really disappointed about the attitude of Huế city towards the tourists. They charges too much money on the entrance ticket only for turists also. We bought 4route pass which is all passing entrance ticket of palace and tombs. It costs about $20 which is multiple times expensive than the normal market price in Vietnam. – okay 👌, also I admit that I am not that a real fan of historic sites.

But it was too much for us because they charges too much money on the entrance but they don’t take care of their historic sites also.

I heard they had been attacked by the enemy during the war. But the palace was remained being destroyed.

I was consistently disappointed..

I couldn’t help my mouth come out 😕

The shape of stairs and roof and the colorful decoration of the door…

If they treated their historic site well, it would have been beautiful and meaningful.

At the dinner time, I felt better! Cuz of the food ❤️

I am sooo in love with Vietnamie’s food.

It makes me feel better all the time.

And the huda is specific beer of Huế.

Those food are my specialty ❤️

Beer from Huế

Non-fried spring roll

And this is sugar cane juice. It was my first life time sugar cane juice and it was really good 👌

Anyway, I hope tomorrow will be better than today 🤞🏽

See you tomorrow ❤️

Hoian, Vietnam Day 2 – 18th May 2017

I am sooooo in love with Hoian.

I think Vietnam’s market price is pretty cheaper than other southeast asia.

And Hoian!!!

This town is the best lovely town in Vietnam! The host was really nice to us. People were smiling to us even they can’t speak English 😆

Anyway, my second day in Hoian comes up ☀️

Hoian is perfect for vacation cuz it has private beach, cheap and nice vietnamie’s food, coffee, beer ❤️

The first day was kinda tough so we decided to take a rest.

But I woke up at 6:00a.m. – I can’t sleep more than 7hrs… it is called Napoleon’s sleeping method haha😅

So we went straight to the local market by bicycle and had breakfast as the local ppl do.

It is called Kao Lau which is specialty food in Hoian.

I love that they serve the food with fried rice paper which is made wih sesame.

We bought a buch of tropical fruit ❤️

I love love mangosteen 💙💙💙

The market was sooo crowded with motorcycles.. please ride your moto on the road 😫

Abd we had a coffee time.. Don’t trust TripAdvisor. Those places on the TripAdvisor are just pricy and for tourists. 

After delightful morning strolling , we headed to the beach by bicycle. Usually most of the hotel in Vietnam offers free bicycle rent. From the central to beach, it takes about 20mins ride by bicycle and 5mins by taxi. – I realize now that the taxi in hoian prices up the meter machine. Even they turn on the machine, the starting money of taxi is about triple higher than other city. I didn’t have any doubt because the taxi price in other countries is way more expensive than its tripled price.

On the way to An bang beach which is main beach in Hoian, we were exhausted so we just stopped by the nearby. It was quite nice and private.

The food was much reasonable than Anbang. Yesterday we had to pay the rental fee for sunbeds also. But here they didn’t take a rental fee if we ordered the food. And the food price was more cheaper than Anbang. But the quality of parasol was…..👎

But the pho was the best I’ve ever had. Also the coconut water ❤️

Even I was lying down under the parasol, I got tanned 👙💦😆☀️
Afternoon, we strolled around the old town.

I got tanned.. I just swam on the beach 4 5mins…

For floatibg our lanetern, we waited until the sunset time in front of the river.

The night view of the town from the boat was really fantastic.

I made some wishes…

Just the night of Hoian is everything.

It is so sad that I had to leave the city tomorrow. 

Anyway, that was all about my 2nd day!

See u tomorrow .. 💋 

Hoian,Vietnam – 16,17th May. 2017

Two days ago, I arrived in Hoian, Vietnam.

What a nice city!!

Firstday, I arrived about 2.a.m. so I couldn’t do anything. The whole city was sleeping at that time.

The real first day started yesterday.

This is the diary what I did and felt about Vietnam yesterday.

The first day was quite fantastic and tough🙀

I had booked eco-cooking class before I arrived here.

The cooking class was quite well-scheduled. We went to the traditional market and looked around thr fresh vegetables and local foods. 

I start to fell in love with vietnam on the way to traditional market because I can pick and smell the lemongrass on the street here!!! 

I love love love ❤️ lemongrass.

And there loved its market has a bunch of things I love… ❤️ mint, basil and tropical fruits 🍋🥑🍈🍉

And then we took a basket boat and fished the smal crab 🦀

The lady was so kind and nice to us. It was so excited 😆

Isn’t vietnamie’s hat awesome?

The cooking class was awesome.

I learned how to cook the vietnamie’s food like pho, ban xeo, salad. I think I can make it again when I go back. – and actually Ban xeo we had in cooking class was better than the restaurant.

I want to have them again. But the fee was quite expensive than market price even I chose thr cheapest one.

Those are foods I made in the class.

See~ I made it all 😆

And look how greedy I am haha

I ate it all OMG. I can’t measure how much I can eat…. 🙀

After then, we went straight to An bang beach.

It was such a paradise 👙☀️⛱

I swam and enjoyed the sun ☀️ 

And had mojito ❤️

After this unbelievable happiness, we were back to the resort, took a shower and went to the old town.

Some ppl said the safety guard takes a fee on the entrance so we went there by the side road. Through the side road, we could see the local’s lifestyle and antique decorations of the house. 

It was soooo beautiful 

And the old town was more beautiful 😻

This is my instagram uploaded photo.

The night in the old town was even more fantastic.

But the problem is night market was just good for taking a photo. There was nothing to buy or look… but the lantern was so beautiful ❤️

It was really tired day but also lovely day.

I get to love more about Vienam. The food ,people and everything❤️

I need to have my banmi for breakfast now again like yesterday. I have to go now. Talk to you tomorrow again❤️. XOXO