Everyday, everywhimg_7410.jpgere, everythings..as always I dream what I dream. My dream is wandering around the world with “someday future” partner-in-crime. My blog “sernjchoi.com” means “Be NJ CHOI” in Spanish. As it said in my blog, I wanna be me and live as my-self. I want to keep it in my mind. So few months ago I did tattoo on my elbow. It is said “Ser Mismo.” It means “Be my-self.”

And also about “Why it is in Spanish?” Because the best experience I had is in Spain in this moment. I live there about 1 year in 2016-2017. I still miss Spain so I keep learning Spanish now. That may influence me.

And also I have a dream about language learning thing. If I am being fluent in Spanish someday , I assume that I could speak with the half of people around the world cause I can speak English, Spanish and Korean. Oh! I forgot to tell you that I am South Korean! Always nation does not a matter because I already think like the world is the one – maybe other people would not agree it. And this is why I want to look around our globe even the specific little things~!

Someday I want to share all of my travel story with many people or at least people who are interested in travel and me that is why I start my blog. And I am going to keep doing it with my life of journey.

Thanks for reading my article.

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