Unforgettable Wanderlust – Morocco

I wanna post my unforgettable wanderlust today.

That is Morocco!! Traveling to Morocco was my first trip of 2016 and is my first visit to Arab-africa.


It was soooooooooooooo exciting experience I’ve ever had.


The most fun story is how I had bought the ticket to Marrakesh.

One night, I was drinking wine with friends, I had been so excited and logged into the Ryan air.
WTF, at that moment, that time had turned to next day – cuz it was midnight and it had just started promotion. So~ that’s why I flew to Monacco.


It was January but the temperature was like spring. It was so much fun to stroll around the Medina. There are markets around the square, the merchants and people were so cheerful and talkative even though some beggars bothered me.


The most amazing thing is the food in Morocco. Moroccan’s main side dish is made by chopped tomato, onion with seasoning. It matches everywhere – with bread, sausage, boiled aubergine.

In Africa, there has only Africa-sold signature coca company’s soda named hawai.
It is a little similar with Fanta but it is worth to taste.


My best food there was squeezed orange juice and corn.

From first day to third day what I did was just looking around the Medina and just eating and shopping.


And I booked the desert tour. It took about 3 days and the cost is different relatively. Because the cost depends on who did the best deal.

The desert tour contains one night staying in desert with riding camel, touring around the primitive and so on. It was 3 days tour.


In the desert, I saw the star. It was my first time to see the start like that clearly. In the city, it is hard to capture the constellation but in desert I could see them clearly.

Sleeping in the tent  was a little cold and harsh but when I rode a camel with sunrise, I could forget about the other day’s coldness.



When you travel around Morocco, there are a lot of cats walking around the street.


They were my best mate. haha 🙂

Before leaving Morocco, we took a train to Rabat which is capital city of politics.



Not like Marrakesh there weren’t so many tourists like me who is asian. People were staring at me a lot. Anyway, it was fun days.


But anyway, next time if I visit Morocco, I want to go Casablanca.

And I can’t remember the name of town. There is a town painted with white colored wall. I wanna visit there too.

Anyway, I still miss Moroccan food and everything I could feel from there.


Until I visit Morocco, please stay beautiful :3


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