Jeju Island Part 2 – 2017 AUGUST

My third day of comma(,) break came up~!


This day was the most important day cuz finally I could try surfing and move to the hotel.


We ran into the beach where surf class is held.


The class went on about 3hrs – from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Teachers were nice. They also run the guest house in Jeju. If I visit Jeju next time, I will stay at their place.

And also they said the water temperature is warm until December, suffers could enjoy the surfing almost 4 seasons in Jeju – But I think that is too much 🙂
Maybe it would be possible until November or October.


The weather was kinda windy not like the day before so the beach was wavy. It was perfect weather for surfers. not that sunny and wavy sea with warm temperature.

I had sung for surfing for a long time. It was the time to make my dream come true.

But I am the beginner it was kinda tough to even stand up from the board.

After exposure to the sun for a long time, I got burned 🙂


Finally, it’s like a summer now. Not tanned but burned 🙂

After surfing time, we checked in and took a rest.

The room was right next to the swimming pool. The balcony was stuck in right next to the swimming pool, we watched people and the sea with soju & Korean sushi.

After drinking soju and beers, my friend fell a sleep and I needed some more.

So I enjoyed ramen with sprite in the balcony.


Next day we drove to the forest. Jeju island is made by volcano. So Jeju island has big volcanic mountain and is surrounded by sea. We enjoyed the seaside so we drove into the mountain.

We bought massive giant gimbaps. We bought 3 and we had to have it as breakfast, lunch and dinner… We were so arrogant to decide to buy 3 layers of giant gimbap.

It is impossible to express how big it is.


But on the way to the forest… there was car accident on the way to the mountain…. I crashed our rent car.. the front bumper was smashed so we had to return our car right away…

I was shaking at that moment. I couldn’t help forgetting about the moment -car crashing moment.

But after few hours I was getting fine like normal days.

It was our last afternoon so We rent a bicycle and had bicycle tour around the hotel.


We headed to Youngduam and tried abalone with beer.


We also searched the nice café near our hotel.


It was an enjoyable experience to stroll down the street by bicycle. We could see the view which we couldn’t see if we drove by car.



In the night, we went to the bar in the old town. I couldn’t still forget about this place. The selection of their music was amazingly nice. It was much better than any other live jazz bar.


This night was little chilly so it was nice to walk around the city but the city was too quiet after 10 p.m.  Last night still remains in my mind. Good music, nice people, nice wind.


This is all about my travel diary.

Hope to leave somewhere soon. Until that time, take care~ XOXO.




P.S. Oh! If you are going to visit Jeju and need any information about my travel, comment below or email me 🙂


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