Last days in Vietnam

It’s been a long day without my friend and I tell you all about it when I’m see you again….

It’s been really long time since I posted my last vietnam days.. and I missed few of the days of my trip because I was being lazy.

Last days when I haven’t posted my blog were individual tough schedule and filled with my laziness to my dear blog 😹

Anyway, here I am!

Where should I start from?
Ummm.. maybe from arriving resort station. My real start of vacation which means doing nothing 🤗


What I did in Hue is ..


staying around the pool


having breakfast



staying around the pool again


sometimes reading a book -still I’m reading this book haha..


,sometimes walking around the resort


FullSizeRender 105

,watching the sunset in the pool and having dinner in the restaurant situated right next to the pool



and taking a bubble bath for good night


those were all I did in the resort.

After this break times..

I moved to Da Nang by this modern train.


The rail straights through the shoreline. I could enjoy the nice view.



After arriving in Da Nang, what I did was just eating nice food and shopping for my-self.
There has a oil named Cajuput which costs really cheaper than massage shop.

And this is what I ate in Da Nang.


There are so many restaurants recommended on the blog.

Just one thing I want to recommend!



That is coconut jelly.

I found this place near the dragon bridge. Local people bought this while they drove down the street and this dessert shop was filled with local people. People who visits Da Nang should try this all!! It was my numero.1 recommended Vietnamese style dessert.


Anyway it’s been a long time since I visited Vietnam.

See you soon wherever in the world.



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