My new wanderlust is Jeju island.

I live in South Korea and probably as you know, territory of South Korea is like tiny little peanut.

This tiny little country has one of well-known islands with emerald-colored ocean named Jeju island.

Since I was young, I have visited this island for vacations and so on.

This time it was like summer comma(,) break for me. The reason why I call this trip as a comma(,) break is that this vacancy was too short to call  “long vacation” compared to other long vacations.

It was kind of comma(,) in the long line of busy life.


So~ then,

Let’s start about happy break.

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First, say “Hi” with my travel mate.

She is one of my GOOD friends. This is the first time to travel just two of us.

She must have tired because when I’m in travel I’m like crazy speed car.

I barely sleep and just keep thinking about fun stuff continuously.

For 5 days, she did really good. She stood my enthusiasm for travel very well.

From Seoul, we took a late afternoon flight.

From Seoul to Jeju, it costs around $100 for round trip – in summer season.
If it is not a high season it could be less than $50.
But it is worth to pay for high season flight ticket fee to see the summer of Jeju Island
cuz it has emerald-colored ocean and the water is warm to swim all day.

After renting our car, we drove to Guest house.

While we drove to the Guest house. We could enjoy the view of sunset by the sea.

For 4 nights of the trip, we stayed 2 nights in the guest house and 2 nights in the hotel.

I chose not-a-good-mannered guest house this time. But it is always nice experience to meet other travelers at this place.

Next morning, we headed straight to Hyeopjae Beach.


Can you see how transparent the water is??
It was soooooo grateful that I could see this view.

Right next to the beach, there are a lot of cafes on the seaside.
Before swimming time, we had a cup of coffee and took a photo.
This is the view from the terrace of cafe.
Isn’t it sooooo beautiful? uh?


And then, now it’s swimming time~~


We borrowed this doughnut-shaped tube and ran into the water.

I really fall into this film camera filter lately

I bought Gudak app which is like real film camera. I could take just 24 shots like real film.
And I have to wait about 3 days to get this pictures like real film camera.

Tomorrow my first film would be uploaded on my album. It is so exciting.


After this drastic swimming session, we showered and headed to the central city.

We met our colleague who lives in Jeju.

We walked around the old town of Jeju.


The old town was vintage kinda street filled with young people.


How cool~

After this tough day, I went to bed right after coming back from the city cuz I had to be ready for the surf day!!!

Can’t wait to post my part 2 blog post.

See you soon.


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