Today was my real start of vacation cuz I was going to the beach resort. Okay! Let’s talk about the resort later.

First I went on a tombs tour. I booked the tour when I arrived in Huế. It was about $10 including lunch buffet. In the morning, bus picked us up and took us to the three major tombs.

Tombs were huge and magnificent because those kings believed in the afterlife. So it felt like they built their afterlife palace.

And also this dynasty existed kinda mordern times so few of structures or styles affeted by french.

It was really hot day.

I sweated sweated 💦

The entrance of second tomb was really high and exotic.

But the last one was really massive than the other tombs. And the tour guide told me that the king almost lived in the tomb – tombs are kinda palace to them. He made a garden and pond on the tomb. It was really good place to write a poem – actually he did.

After this, we had a luch and I went to the beach resort 💙

My real vacation started.

The hotel sent me and my friend a taxi.

We took a taxi and headed to the beach resort which is 30min far from the Huế city.

And near the resort, there is nothing to look around or nice restaurant. Just local people live there. I wanted to look around the town by bicycle but I was busy with enjoying my vacation so I couldn’t.

When I arrived at resort. It was almost sunset time.

So I enjoyed the time that sun goes down with swimming in infinity pool.

The weather was not that good at first day cuz it was foggy and little rainy.

But it was nice to enjoy the water for me at least it didn’t rain fiercely.

Wow!! My real vacation is really about to start!! Let’s talk about it tomorrow!! XOXO 😘


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