Huế, Vietnam Day 3 – 19th May 2017

On the morning,

We took a sleeping bus and went to Huế.

Sleeping bus has unusual designed seat. It has 2layers and we had to come upstairs without ladder 😮

We were arranged 2 stairs so we had to come upstairs – we were too small to go up cuz we r just small girls just 1.6m…


It was extraordinary. For me it was kinda adventurous. But my friend has acrophobia, she had to fight with her fear on our 4hrs journey 😨

And finally we arrived in Huế.

Huế was the capital city of last Vietnamie’s dynasty.  It was nice historic city but I was disappointed by local peopl in Huế. They treated turists as just for money.

When we were about to arrive, some motorists dragged out carriages, took us to the hotel and asked too much money. They asked about $10 to us, it is about 5times more expensive than taxi price.

The reason why I was upsetting is their saing

oh, you guys are tourists just give some more money.”


While I am on a travel, the first impression of the city handles the image of the city and people. And they ruined my first impression. But I tried to make up my feeling. Later, it was getting fine after meeting nice people and food.

After checking in the hotel and unpacking our bagages, we headed straight to the royal palace.

Actually I was really disappointed about the attitude of Huế city towards the tourists. They charges too much money on the entrance ticket only for turists also. We bought 4route pass which is all passing entrance ticket of palace and tombs. It costs about $20 which is multiple times expensive than the normal market price in Vietnam. – okay 👌, also I admit that I am not that a real fan of historic sites.

But it was too much for us because they charges too much money on the entrance but they don’t take care of their historic sites also.

I heard they had been attacked by the enemy during the war. But the palace was remained being destroyed.

I was consistently disappointed..

I couldn’t help my mouth come out 😕

The shape of stairs and roof and the colorful decoration of the door…

If they treated their historic site well, it would have been beautiful and meaningful.

At the dinner time, I felt better! Cuz of the food ❤️

I am sooo in love with Vietnamie’s food.

It makes me feel better all the time.

And the huda is specific beer of Huế.

Those food are my specialty ❤️

Beer from Huế

Non-fried spring roll

And this is sugar cane juice. It was my first life time sugar cane juice and it was really good 👌

Anyway, I hope tomorrow will be better than today 🤞🏽

See you tomorrow ❤️


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