Hoian, Vietnam Day 2 – 18th May 2017

I am sooooo in love with Hoian.

I think Vietnam’s market price is pretty cheaper than other southeast asia.

And Hoian!!!

This town is the best lovely town in Vietnam! The host was really nice to us. People were smiling to us even they can’t speak English 😆

Anyway, my second day in Hoian comes up ☀️

Hoian is perfect for vacation cuz it has private beach, cheap and nice vietnamie’s food, coffee, beer ❤️

The first day was kinda tough so we decided to take a rest.

But I woke up at 6:00a.m. – I can’t sleep more than 7hrs… it is called Napoleon’s sleeping method haha😅

So we went straight to the local market by bicycle and had breakfast as the local ppl do.

It is called Kao Lau which is specialty food in Hoian.

I love that they serve the food with fried rice paper which is made wih sesame.

We bought a buch of tropical fruit ❤️

I love love mangosteen 💙💙💙

The market was sooo crowded with motorcycles.. please ride your moto on the road 😫

Abd we had a coffee time.. Don’t trust TripAdvisor. Those places on the TripAdvisor are just pricy and for tourists. 

After delightful morning strolling , we headed to the beach by bicycle. Usually most of the hotel in Vietnam offers free bicycle rent. From the central to beach, it takes about 20mins ride by bicycle and 5mins by taxi. – I realize now that the taxi in hoian prices up the meter machine. Even they turn on the machine, the starting money of taxi is about triple higher than other city. I didn’t have any doubt because the taxi price in other countries is way more expensive than its tripled price.

On the way to An bang beach which is main beach in Hoian, we were exhausted so we just stopped by the nearby. It was quite nice and private.

The food was much reasonable than Anbang. Yesterday we had to pay the rental fee for sunbeds also. But here they didn’t take a rental fee if we ordered the food. And the food price was more cheaper than Anbang. But the quality of parasol was…..👎

But the pho was the best I’ve ever had. Also the coconut water ❤️

Even I was lying down under the parasol, I got tanned 👙💦😆☀️
Afternoon, we strolled around the old town.

I got tanned.. I just swam on the beach 4 5mins…

For floatibg our lanetern, we waited until the sunset time in front of the river.

The night view of the town from the boat was really fantastic.

I made some wishes…

Just the night of Hoian is everything.

It is so sad that I had to leave the city tomorrow. 

Anyway, that was all about my 2nd day!

See u tomorrow .. 💋 


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