Hoian,Vietnam – 16,17th May. 2017

Two days ago, I arrived in Hoian, Vietnam.

What a nice city!!

Firstday, I arrived about 2.a.m. so I couldn’t do anything. The whole city was sleeping at that time.

The real first day started yesterday.

This is the diary what I did and felt about Vietnam yesterday.

The first day was quite fantastic and tough🙀

I had booked eco-cooking class before I arrived here.

The cooking class was quite well-scheduled. We went to the traditional market and looked around thr fresh vegetables and local foods. 

I start to fell in love with vietnam on the way to traditional market because I can pick and smell the lemongrass on the street here!!! 

I love love love ❤️ lemongrass.

And there loved its market has a bunch of things I love… ❤️ mint, basil and tropical fruits 🍋🥑🍈🍉

And then we took a basket boat and fished the smal crab 🦀

The lady was so kind and nice to us. It was so excited 😆

Isn’t vietnamie’s hat awesome?

The cooking class was awesome.

I learned how to cook the vietnamie’s food like pho, ban xeo, salad. I think I can make it again when I go back. – and actually Ban xeo we had in cooking class was better than the restaurant.

I want to have them again. But the fee was quite expensive than market price even I chose thr cheapest one.

Those are foods I made in the class.

See~ I made it all 😆

And look how greedy I am haha

I ate it all OMG. I can’t measure how much I can eat…. 🙀

After then, we went straight to An bang beach.

It was such a paradise 👙☀️⛱

I swam and enjoyed the sun ☀️ 

And had mojito ❤️

After this unbelievable happiness, we were back to the resort, took a shower and went to the old town.

Some ppl said the safety guard takes a fee on the entrance so we went there by the side road. Through the side road, we could see the local’s lifestyle and antique decorations of the house. 

It was soooo beautiful 

And the old town was more beautiful 😻

This is my instagram uploaded photo.

The night in the old town was even more fantastic.

But the problem is night market was just good for taking a photo. There was nothing to buy or look… but the lantern was so beautiful ❤️

It was really tired day but also lovely day.

I get to love more about Vienam. The food ,people and everything❤️

I need to have my banmi for breakfast now again like yesterday. I have to go now. Talk to you tomorrow again❤️. XOXO


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