Wanderlust 2016 – Camino de Santiago



I wanted to post all my wanderlust in 2015. But the latest memories are wandering around my head. I couldn’t help posting my latest memories first.

The most unforgettable memory of 2016 is Camino de Santiago for 2 weeks.

Then let’s start~!

Camino de Santiago

Last late May, I walked “Camino del Norte.” I couldn’t walk all the route because I didn’t have a time and had another next plan. I have done it for 2 weeks. First week I walked from San Sebastián to Bilbao. My friend from Korea visited me and we decided to walk together while she traveled around there but we hadn’t enough time so  I took a bus and went to Galicia.- and she left me in 3 days after we started to walk from Galicia. I started again from the route of Galicia and walked to Santiago. It was such a dignity time for me.


4 things you should know if you want to walk ¨Camino de Santiago¨

  • I didn´t do it because of my religion. But we call who walks through the Camino de Santiago ¨pilgrim
  • When we encounter the other pilgrims on the road or other local people, we say Buen Camino as saying hello.
  • We can notice our way by the sign of shell of yellow point on the road, tree or sometimes there’s a statue on the way

    ; When I started my Camino, because actually I was afraid, I depended on my app and searched all the route I was going to walk. But the other pilgrims I met at every night said I should not use my phone and follow just those signs. After starting to follow those signs, I don’t know why but I felt like I am enjoying my way.
  • We start our day in dawn. But some people are not but the most are.
  • Every small town has a shelter for pilgrim called “Albergue.” – The price intervene between private and public. It is around 10-20 euros – Most private albergues are over 15euros or sometimes donating money as your taste.


My day while I walked the Camino de Santiago.


I wake up & have some breakfast and start to walk – usually I was the first one who start to walk.

Another breakfast at the bar on the way (sometimes with beer – It helped me cheer up)

Walk again!

Lunch time
Usually if you are in Spain, you should try Menu del día. They serve two dishes like one appetizer and main dish. But I think they are all main manus.. It feels like having two meals at once. While I was in Vasco Region, I had TAPAS rather than menu del día in Lunch. I ordered about 3 or 4 dishes a day absolutely with Jara de Cerveza (Big glass of beer).


Arriving in Albergue (It is like the hostel of pilgrims). / Doing my laundry and taking shower.

Having pilgrim´s menu del día or cooking my dinner.

IMG_7702     IMG_7701

This two dishes are MENU DEL DÍA. Almost it feels like two dishes at one meal.

What Camino de Santiago gives me.

It was such a wonderful time to get away from busy and messy life. At least while I was in there, I didn´t have to care about my life and what I have to do tomorrow, what I have to buy tomorrow, what´s new in my life or things and what people would think about me. What I had to do was just walk, eat and just take a rest.


Life is like that simple. We don´t need too many things. But in the city, between the people who seek their own profit and benefits, I don´t know why but I always seek something and need to do something for getting more things. And I feel like I want to be stunning between the people. I need to care about other people´s point of view all the time. Because we can´t live with them without concerning about them. That makes me exhausted all the time. Of course, travel helps me forget about those things relating living my real life. But still there are people who want to get more advantage from me. But totally on this road, this place, I could be my-self and just do something without considering others. Just be my-self and keep going next day.


At least experiencing that feeling helped me keep living my-life. After this journey, I come back to my real life. But I get less stressed than before. Because I realize (slowly still keep it in mind) that I should live my own life. Of course, people surrounding me are important but the real thing is my life is mine not theirs. Thus, I should figure out the real my own one between many choices. Not theirs.


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