Wanderlust 2015 – Southern France

As I said in the previous post, I got a bunch of air-tickets with hangover 🙂

The first group destination was Southern France. And the day after I arrived in France, the horrible terror broke out… It was so terrible thing I’ve ever experienced. How and why people kill the innocents.. I can’t understand.


Few months ago,  I accidentally pressed “delet” button on my France trip photo folder in my cloud. I was panicked for a while. Oops :”(

I found some photos from my phone gallery so I could trace back of my memories and I could write this post.

That airport moment.. I didn’t know what I went through during the travel.

I should have run away.

Why? because it was the first time I drove the manual car. Many of rental stores were selling their car in half price cheaper if we took a manual car than automatic car. It was bad idea. I had to learn how to drive manual car about 2 hours and then had to go out to the wild driving world. It was tragic situation for me because all of my friends didn’t have international license and also had never driven for a while.. so I was the only one who was available. But the truth is I’d never driven manual car. Even I stopped the car in the middle of the street for a couple of days. There were no accidents. It means THAT I was the inherent best driver 🙂

Now I am really good at driving manual car. Because I could learn how to drive in France with real world, after during about a year, I could drive manual car really well on my travel journey in Europe.

Let’s not talk about my sad story anymore!

Let’s talk about bright and happy things – my journey!!



Out first stop was Marseille. We rent our car and bought some snacks to eat in the car. And also I practiced how to drive manual car. My russian friends were freaked out becasue I stopped the car in the middle of the street sometimes. Still I can hear their screaming. That night when we arrived our air b&b I cried all night because I was afraid I could keep going on my journey with that high volume of screaming. But after crying it got better so it was okay – usually when I get stressed just crying and just forgetting about it. So~~ easy.

On first day, We moved to Aix-en-Provence and Aups. Wow.. I couldn’t figure out how much I drove that day.. now I get to know how long journey it was. Wow.. I want to praise my-self now.



It was small city near Marseille. But small cities has their own unique mood. That is why I like the small city especially stuck in the middle of forest or really un-developed area than big cities. Aix-en-provence was not that small city because it was kinda big. – Actually I was panicked with my next destination I passed through a lot of things. That is so sad but it means I have another reason to go on a trip this area once more.



wow Aups!! It was unexpected treasure of our journey. I arrived in this town at about midnight and cried all night so I couldn’t figure out how beautiful it is. But the next day, I couldn’t shot my mouth because it was sooo beautiful. And also it was sunday. I could experience the flee market in small province in France. It was so exciting. How lucky I am!!


Still when I take a look at my photos I can’t believe it is real.


It looks like a portrait.


Verdon Region

After looking around the small town and had a nice breakfast, we drove around the verdon region. Around the verdon river, there are many towns with their own epic atmosphere. I couldn’t look all around there because of our schedule. If I traveled alone or with small group I would take a long time and look around all of them. And also even I thought I wanted to live there – I love peaceful atmosphere.


Even the color of the river is sooooooo epic. But epic thing come after the problem sometimes. After looking around this river, we headed to the cliff to look down the river view. And my friend were about to die because he was about to fall. So even it is beautiful but don’t fall into it. Shit…It is still creepy even just thinking about that moment.


Next cities were typical southern France coastal-line tour.

Cannes – Nice – Monaco – Menton


Nice is nice 😉


photos from the beach. It was late September but it was really warm.

Miss this place.



I want to start everyday with this breakfast:D

They were so beautiful as all the people know. And also it is really famous cities for tourism. We ate really nice franch meal everyday. Especially still I can’t miss the croissant I had in France. It has something different with typical croissant .



The overall view of Monaco from the border from France.


This is the casino situated in Monaco. We were scared about car crash in Monaco – because in Monaco there are many luxurious car on the road. Yeah.. I was too scared to drive in Monaco because I stopped the car sometimes.. 🙂 So we parked the car on the border and just walked into Monaco. Actually it didn’t take much time to look around this whole country.


And our farthest destination was Menton where is situated near the border of Italy and France. This city was really peaceful and gorgeous. The reason I liked this city was I could have my own time alone finally. Wow it was really long journey.


This is the small coastal town we visited on the way back to Marseille.

Anyway, after visiting Paris when I was 16. It was kinda reminding time about France.

The reason why I still wanna go back is the Croissant ♥. Oh I still miss this crunch and soft taste.







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