Wanderlust 2015 -Mallorca

From August.2015 to July.2016, I had a chance to live in Madrid, Spain. I went to school there and sometimes went on a travel around Spain. One day, I drank up all the bottle of wisky and decided to buy a bunch of Ryan air ticket – to Finland, Marsellie, Mallorca, Monaco,Lisbon, Porto, London… It was insane but I am kinda like that person X-)

There are lots of memories I want to post on but I will upload about my first Spain province travel first. It was my meaningful short trip. Because before then, I was just stuck in Madrid and just took a flight to other countries around Spain. But finally I went to Mallorca!!! That was soooooo exciting!!! Anyway, It was November, 2015.

As we know, Mallorca is situated between ibiza and menorca. Those tree islands are the main islands of Balearic Sea. And in Spanish, Mallorca is called Majorca. Major means big and menos means small. I think that is why they are called Mallorca and Menorca. And I don’t know why they call the ibiza like that. But one thing very clear is ibiza exists just for party. It looked like barren island without it.

But Mallorca was really different with ibiza. I couldn’t visit Menorca yet. But I am pretty sure Menorca would be fantastic as I imagine.

And also Mallorca has a bunch of attractives. It would be impossible without car. So everyone who goes to Mallorca should rent a car at least when you go to the Northern part or Southern part!

Because I booked the air b&b near the Southern sea. I had to rent a car. If I stayed in Palma, the capital of this island, it would be comfortable to look around. But I wanted something more adventurous and for that thing, the car is absolutely needed.

Restaurante la Parada del Mar

First I arrived in Mallorca, I ran into this place. This restaurant was perfect. The seafood were so fresh and also I could choose fish and shells and they cooked it right away. The food was really fresh and the price was really reasonable.

Catedral de Mallorca


After enjoyable meal, I stopped by Palma really shortly. The only thing I remember is this Cathedral. It was really magnificant.

Apartamentos Pizá

And the thing I can’t forget about Mallorca is this house and terrace.

I loved the view and everything in this apartment.


This is the morning view of our house.


It was a little bit shaky. But this is the night view of our apartment. Isn’t it cool??:D


We had BBQ night with friends. And I bought this green drink at the market. It is kinda traditional Mallorca’s drink.. but don’t buy it and don’t even try it… Because of this, I had a hangover next day. So I couldn’t drive the car.

Cala Sant Vicenç

Next day, we headed to the Northern part. They had magnificant cliffs. All the time, the nature is really incredible than I imagine.


The view from the cliff was so perfect. The ocean was so deep, So I was about to fallen into it.

DSC01782After taking a photo, we went to the end of the road. The paved road was so steep and so narrow,  so our car crashed over guardrail onetime. It was sooooooo relieved that we had joined the insurance.


And this is the view of the tip of the road. It was so magnificant. What a nature is!

Cala s’Almunia

And this is another scenery when you go to the Southern part.


Actually I wanted to dive here. But it was middle of November.. so the water and weather is really cold so I gave up. But next time I want to try it for sure.


And it was about to winter. So there is NO ONE !!

It was super fun!!!



Last day we headed to Valldemossa. It is called “the town of chopin.” Because he stayed in this town for a while of his lifetime blablabla…


Anyway everything in this town  was epic and beautiful.


And also.. I wanted to adopt little Pooh but I couldn’t..(out of budget…)

Poor NJ , so I realized that I should save some money but I can’t do it well all the time..:'(



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