Wanderlusts in 2013

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This is my travel story from 2013 to 2016.

While I look around my pictures and memories of travels. I wanted to keep them into my itinerary. That is one of reason I start my own blog. And also I want to make a list of them. But since it was even just few years ago, it’s been like a history for me. So I couldn’t make a long posts. So I decide to make the posts by the year.

And this is my travel story of 2013.

Australia -2013. January

When I turn to 20, I just booked the ticket and  traveled alone -ESPECIALLY WITHOUT FAMILY. This is the start of my travel inspiration. Before I went on a travel, I couldn’t imagine about going abroad alone or keep going on a travel afterward. But this aussie trip enables me to keep going on and remind me about travel – why I have to go on it and how it inspires me. It was my first experience so it was un-mature way – it means I did travel by the way other people do like searching the place where people go and searching the blog and approving all the way as that people do.). But I could know what the real freedom and rolling around the world means.


U.S.A. – 2013. July – August

After my assuie trip, I decide to go on my trip and I got an opportunity to temporarily live in the States. That was my big chance to experience how it would be like if I am living in the states. And also I could meet a lot of people there. While I lived in New Jersey to do my school program, I had a good companions from Korea, China, Austria and others. After that period I flight to Miami and had a total vacation. I tanned on the beach and walked around and met new people and went to club with new friends. At the club, I met-not “met it could me “saw”- Nicki Minaj. It was my first experience to see the celebrity. That is why I had a dream about being “California girl.” And that is why I went to California – after this year I flight back to California once more in 2015. Actually this trip was just nothing more than meeting people and feeling about atmosphere of the States.



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