Wanderlust in 2014 & 2015

It would be my second post of Wanderlust history between 2013 to 2016.

In 2014, I went to just Japan by accident with my lovely cousin.

And in 2015, there are some more adventures and life-threatening experiences with many good  & new friends. My lists were California-the states(again!) , Russia, Taiwan.



Osaka, Japan – 2014. January

Actually Japan is not that exotic to me cause I live right next to Japan – in South Korea.  From arriving airport, I could see the Korean everywhere. But the most fascinating things about Japan is “there are a lot of good food – I love.” I was kinda foodie – sadly now I am a vegetarian (sometimes pescadian – it means the people who eat fish). If you are foodie, you should visit Japan. I can bet on how cool their food is. and also one more thing I like Japanese-food because it is well hygienic – even the restaurants are situated in foreign countries if it is Japanese’s you should not question about how they are clean and sanitary. Still it has been 3 years.. All I could remember is food food food~~.




 California – 2014.December – 2015. January


It was unforgettable trip I ever had. I was wandering around the California region during 16 days with my friend.

I got flat-tired on the road ,celebrated Christmas at Las Vegas, opened new year 2015 in air b&b room (we got sick because of heavy drink and tough schedules…)  -Oops! LV is not the state of California… Anyway it is located right next to the California. On the way to the LV (from L.A.) ,  me and my friend, we were supposed to stop by the desert called “death Valley.” On the way there, because we drove our car too fast on the unpaved road, the car got flattened. So we hich-hiked on the road. And people helped us to change our flattened tires. And we gave them away our yummy macaron without tasting them. Still I have a reason to visit L.A. again – cause I couldn’t taste it yet haha!!


After LV trip, we moved up to SF. On the way there, we stopped by San Jose, 17mile drive road. When we were in California, we were sooooooo mcuh obsessed with the food called “Boiling crab.” We have still talked about this restaurant. Even we had to wait about 2hours in front of the restaurant. We went there evey time when we could search their branch on the Google map. And 1st January is my friend’s b-day.

And this is crazy they served the food in plastic vinyl bag and the table itself could be the food plate because we put the food on the table and eat them even they covered the table with vinyl carpet on it. But if you try it, I guarantee that is is unforgettable and never get sick of it.

The food and adventure.. everything was perfect for me.




Moscow, Russia – 2015. January – February

When I was about to post my Russia travel story.. I realized that I was such a food-fighter at that time. Russia I learned through books was “iced-covered and barren land.” At that time I imagined like that about Russia. But after visiting here, I totally changed my mind. Their buildings were very furnished and sophisticated as I saw in Europe. – I think they were using similar artistic method at least they got affected.  First night I stayed near the Arbat street. It is main central street of Moscow. It was really cold at that time but I am pretty impressed. Everyday I was there was snowy and freezing cold. It was like “Frozen – Disney movie” to me. Everything was white. And everything there is sooooo fast. When I got on the subway.. I missed one of my friends because they closed the door sooo fast. The most scary thing I ever experienced.

Oh! also one thing I was happy about was they had “shack-shack” 🙂




Beijing, China – before going to the State and Russia

China is the best well-known transferring hub. – Actually I want to recommend Incheon international airport in korea because I spent all night in the airport of Beijing but it was freezing cold and there is nothing to it…..

So I expanded my transfer time about 20 hours and had a massage & sightseeing shortly. Actually I only stayed Wang-Fu-jing street but there has a bunch of things to do.

It was very short but it was worth to go and visit. In the night market they sell really strange food. But by chance to chance you can try really nice lamb sticks and desserts.




Taipei, Taiwan – 2016, June

It was very spontaneous trip to visit my friend who went to California with me. She was on exchanging student program in Taiwan. So I got the ticket and went there. I made a good friends from there and also had a lot of food (also).

My new friends were so kind. They were staying with me while I traveled around Taiwan and taking me to the sightseeing and making me try the food in the night market. Especially, The reason why I felt the lucky I could try the specific nice food in each of the night markets without failing.


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