Everyday, everywhimg_7410.jpgere, everythings..as always I dream what I dream. My dream is wandering around the world with “someday future” partner-in-crime. My blog “sernjchoi.com” means “Be NJ CHOI” in Spanish. As it said in my blog, I wanna be me and live as my-self. I want to keep it in my mind. So few months ago I did tattoo on my elbow. It is said “Ser Mismo.” It means “Be my-self.”

And also about “Why it is in Spanish?” Because the best experience I had is in Spain in this moment. I live there about 1 year in 2016-2017. I still miss Spain so I keep learning Spanish now. That may influence me.

And also I have a dream about language learning thing. If I am being fluent in Spanish someday , I assume that I could speak with the half of people around the world cause I can speak English, Spanish and Korean. Oh! I forgot to tell you that I am South Korean! Always nation does not a matter because I already think like the world is the one – maybe other people would not agree it. And this is why I want to look around our globe even the specific little things~!

Someday I want to share all of my travel story with many people or at least people who are interested in travel and me that is why I start my blog. And I am going to keep doing it with my life of journey.

Thanks for reading my article.



  The Blog is about my travel story.

  Total files of my wanderlust and lifestyle.

My motivation of life is “Ser NJ CHOI.”

It means “Be my-self.”


   If you have more questions..

  E-mail : namjung3290@gmail.com







Instagram : ser_njchoi


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