Today was my real start of vacation cuz I was going to the beach resort. Okay! Let’s talk about the resort later.

First I went on a tombs tour. I booked the tour when I arrived in Huế. It was about $10 including lunch buffet. In the morning, bus picked us up and took us to the three major tombs.

Tombs were huge and magnificent because those kings believed in the afterlife. So it felt like they built their afterlife palace.

And also this dynasty existed kinda mordern times so few of structures or styles affeted by french.

It was really hot day.

I sweated sweated 💦

The entrance of second tomb was really high and exotic.

But the last one was really massive than the other tombs. And the tour guide told me that the king almost lived in the tomb – tombs are kinda palace to them. He made a garden and pond on the tomb. It was really good place to write a poem – actually he did.

After this, we had a luch and I went to the beach resort 💙

My real vacation started.

The hotel sent me and my friend a taxi.

We took a taxi and headed to the beach resort which is 30min far from the Huế city.

And near the resort, there is nothing to look around or nice restaurant. Just local people live there. I wanted to look around the town by bicycle but I was busy with enjoying my vacation so I couldn’t.

When I arrived at resort. It was almost sunset time.

So I enjoyed the time that sun goes down with swimming in infinity pool.

The weather was not that good at first day cuz it was foggy and little rainy.

But it was nice to enjoy the water for me at least it didn’t rain fiercely.

Wow!! My real vacation is really about to start!! Let’s talk about it tomorrow!! XOXO 😘


Huế, Vietnam Day 3 – 19th May 2017

On the morning,

We took a sleeping bus and went to Huế.

Sleeping bus has unusual designed seat. It has 2layers and we had to come upstairs without ladder 😮

We were arranged 2 stairs so we had to come upstairs – we were too small to go up cuz we r just small girls just 1.6m…


It was extraordinary. For me it was kinda adventurous. But my friend has acrophobia, she had to fight with her fear on our 4hrs journey 😨

And finally we arrived in Huế.

Huế was the capital city of last Vietnamie’s dynasty.  It was nice historic city but I was disappointed by local peopl in Huế. They treated turists as just for money.

When we were about to arrive, some motorists dragged out carriages, took us to the hotel and asked too much money. They asked about $10 to us, it is about 5times more expensive than taxi price.

The reason why I was upsetting is their saing

oh, you guys are tourists just give some more money.”


While I am on a travel, the first impression of the city handles the image of the city and people. And they ruined my first impression. But I tried to make up my feeling. Later, it was getting fine after meeting nice people and food.

After checking in the hotel and unpacking our bagages, we headed straight to the royal palace.

Actually I was really disappointed about the attitude of Huế city towards the tourists. They charges too much money on the entrance ticket only for turists also. We bought 4route pass which is all passing entrance ticket of palace and tombs. It costs about $20 which is multiple times expensive than the normal market price in Vietnam. – okay 👌, also I admit that I am not that a real fan of historic sites.

But it was too much for us because they charges too much money on the entrance but they don’t take care of their historic sites also.

I heard they had been attacked by the enemy during the war. But the palace was remained being destroyed.

I was consistently disappointed..

I couldn’t help my mouth come out 😕

The shape of stairs and roof and the colorful decoration of the door…

If they treated their historic site well, it would have been beautiful and meaningful.

At the dinner time, I felt better! Cuz of the food ❤️

I am sooo in love with Vietnamie’s food.

It makes me feel better all the time.

And the huda is specific beer of Huế.

Those food are my specialty ❤️

Beer from Huế

Non-fried spring roll

And this is sugar cane juice. It was my first life time sugar cane juice and it was really good 👌

Anyway, I hope tomorrow will be better than today 🤞🏽

See you tomorrow ❤️

Hoian, Vietnam Day 2 – 18th May 2017

I am sooooo in love with Hoian.

I think Vietnam’s market price is pretty cheaper than other southeast asia.

And Hoian!!!

This town is the best lovely town in Vietnam! The host was really nice to us. People were smiling to us even they can’t speak English 😆

Anyway, my second day in Hoian comes up ☀️

Hoian is perfect for vacation cuz it has private beach, cheap and nice vietnamie’s food, coffee, beer ❤️

The first day was kinda tough so we decided to take a rest.

But I woke up at 6:00a.m. – I can’t sleep more than 7hrs… it is called Napoleon’s sleeping method haha😅

So we went straight to the local market by bicycle and had breakfast as the local ppl do.

It is called Kao Lau which is specialty food in Hoian.

I love that they serve the food with fried rice paper which is made wih sesame.

We bought a buch of tropical fruit ❤️

I love love mangosteen 💙💙💙

The market was sooo crowded with motorcycles.. please ride your moto on the road 😫

Abd we had a coffee time.. Don’t trust TripAdvisor. Those places on the TripAdvisor are just pricy and for tourists. 

After delightful morning strolling , we headed to the beach by bicycle. Usually most of the hotel in Vietnam offers free bicycle rent. From the central to beach, it takes about 20mins ride by bicycle and 5mins by taxi. – I realize now that the taxi in hoian prices up the meter machine. Even they turn on the machine, the starting money of taxi is about triple higher than other city. I didn’t have any doubt because the taxi price in other countries is way more expensive than its tripled price.

On the way to An bang beach which is main beach in Hoian, we were exhausted so we just stopped by the nearby. It was quite nice and private.

The food was much reasonable than Anbang. Yesterday we had to pay the rental fee for sunbeds also. But here they didn’t take a rental fee if we ordered the food. And the food price was more cheaper than Anbang. But the quality of parasol was…..👎

But the pho was the best I’ve ever had. Also the coconut water ❤️

Even I was lying down under the parasol, I got tanned 👙💦😆☀️
Afternoon, we strolled around the old town.

I got tanned.. I just swam on the beach 4 5mins…

For floatibg our lanetern, we waited until the sunset time in front of the river.

The night view of the town from the boat was really fantastic.

I made some wishes…

Just the night of Hoian is everything.

It is so sad that I had to leave the city tomorrow. 

Anyway, that was all about my 2nd day!

See u tomorrow .. 💋 

Hoian,Vietnam – 16,17th May. 2017

Two days ago, I arrived in Hoian, Vietnam.

What a nice city!!

Firstday, I arrived about 2.a.m. so I couldn’t do anything. The whole city was sleeping at that time.

The real first day started yesterday.

This is the diary what I did and felt about Vietnam yesterday.

The first day was quite fantastic and tough🙀

I had booked eco-cooking class before I arrived here.

The cooking class was quite well-scheduled. We went to the traditional market and looked around thr fresh vegetables and local foods. 

I start to fell in love with vietnam on the way to traditional market because I can pick and smell the lemongrass on the street here!!! 

I love love love ❤️ lemongrass.

And there loved its market has a bunch of things I love… ❤️ mint, basil and tropical fruits 🍋🥑🍈🍉

And then we took a basket boat and fished the smal crab 🦀

The lady was so kind and nice to us. It was so excited 😆

Isn’t vietnamie’s hat awesome?

The cooking class was awesome.

I learned how to cook the vietnamie’s food like pho, ban xeo, salad. I think I can make it again when I go back. – and actually Ban xeo we had in cooking class was better than the restaurant.

I want to have them again. But the fee was quite expensive than market price even I chose thr cheapest one.

Those are foods I made in the class.

See~ I made it all 😆

And look how greedy I am haha

I ate it all OMG. I can’t measure how much I can eat…. 🙀

After then, we went straight to An bang beach.

It was such a paradise 👙☀️⛱

I swam and enjoyed the sun ☀️ 

And had mojito ❤️

After this unbelievable happiness, we were back to the resort, took a shower and went to the old town.

Some ppl said the safety guard takes a fee on the entrance so we went there by the side road. Through the side road, we could see the local’s lifestyle and antique decorations of the house. 

It was soooo beautiful 

And the old town was more beautiful 😻

This is my instagram uploaded photo.

The night in the old town was even more fantastic.

But the problem is night market was just good for taking a photo. There was nothing to buy or look… but the lantern was so beautiful ❤️

It was really tired day but also lovely day.

I get to love more about Vienam. The food ,people and everything❤️

I need to have my banmi for breakfast now again like yesterday. I have to go now. Talk to you tomorrow again❤️. XOXO

Wanderlust 2016 – Camino de Santiago



I wanted to post all my wanderlust in 2015. But the latest memories are wandering around my head. I couldn’t help posting my latest memories first.

The most unforgettable memory of 2016 is Camino de Santiago for 2 weeks.

Then let’s start~!

Camino de Santiago

Last late May, I walked “Camino del Norte.” I couldn’t walk all the route because I didn’t have a time and had another next plan. I have done it for 2 weeks. First week I walked from San Sebastián to Bilbao. My friend from Korea visited me and we decided to walk together while she traveled around there but we hadn’t enough time so  I took a bus and went to Galicia.- and she left me in 3 days after we started to walk from Galicia. I started again from the route of Galicia and walked to Santiago. It was such a dignity time for me.


4 things you should know if you want to walk ¨Camino de Santiago¨

  • I didn´t do it because of my religion. But we call who walks through the Camino de Santiago ¨pilgrim
  • When we encounter the other pilgrims on the road or other local people, we say Buen Camino as saying hello.
  • We can notice our way by the sign of shell of yellow point on the road, tree or sometimes there’s a statue on the way

    ; When I started my Camino, because actually I was afraid, I depended on my app and searched all the route I was going to walk. But the other pilgrims I met at every night said I should not use my phone and follow just those signs. After starting to follow those signs, I don’t know why but I felt like I am enjoying my way.
  • We start our day in dawn. But some people are not but the most are.
  • Every small town has a shelter for pilgrim called “Albergue.” – The price intervene between private and public. It is around 10-20 euros – Most private albergues are over 15euros or sometimes donating money as your taste.


My day while I walked the Camino de Santiago.


I wake up & have some breakfast and start to walk – usually I was the first one who start to walk.

Another breakfast at the bar on the way (sometimes with beer – It helped me cheer up)

Walk again!

Lunch time
Usually if you are in Spain, you should try Menu del día. They serve two dishes like one appetizer and main dish. But I think they are all main manus.. It feels like having two meals at once. While I was in Vasco Region, I had TAPAS rather than menu del día in Lunch. I ordered about 3 or 4 dishes a day absolutely with Jara de Cerveza (Big glass of beer).


Arriving in Albergue (It is like the hostel of pilgrims). / Doing my laundry and taking shower.

Having pilgrim´s menu del día or cooking my dinner.

IMG_7702     IMG_7701

This two dishes are MENU DEL DÍA. Almost it feels like two dishes at one meal.

What Camino de Santiago gives me.

It was such a wonderful time to get away from busy and messy life. At least while I was in there, I didn´t have to care about my life and what I have to do tomorrow, what I have to buy tomorrow, what´s new in my life or things and what people would think about me. What I had to do was just walk, eat and just take a rest.


Life is like that simple. We don´t need too many things. But in the city, between the people who seek their own profit and benefits, I don´t know why but I always seek something and need to do something for getting more things. And I feel like I want to be stunning between the people. I need to care about other people´s point of view all the time. Because we can´t live with them without concerning about them. That makes me exhausted all the time. Of course, travel helps me forget about those things relating living my real life. But still there are people who want to get more advantage from me. But totally on this road, this place, I could be my-self and just do something without considering others. Just be my-self and keep going next day.


At least experiencing that feeling helped me keep living my-life. After this journey, I come back to my real life. But I get less stressed than before. Because I realize (slowly still keep it in mind) that I should live my own life. Of course, people surrounding me are important but the real thing is my life is mine not theirs. Thus, I should figure out the real my own one between many choices. Not theirs.

Wanderlust 2015 – Southern France

As I said in the previous post, I got a bunch of air-tickets with hangover 🙂

The first group destination was Southern France. And the day after I arrived in France, the horrible terror broke out… It was so terrible thing I’ve ever experienced. How and why people kill the innocents.. I can’t understand.


Few months ago,  I accidentally pressed “delet” button on my France trip photo folder in my cloud. I was panicked for a while. Oops :”(

I found some photos from my phone gallery so I could trace back of my memories and I could write this post.

That airport moment.. I didn’t know what I went through during the travel.

I should have run away.

Why? because it was the first time I drove the manual car. Many of rental stores were selling their car in half price cheaper if we took a manual car than automatic car. It was bad idea. I had to learn how to drive manual car about 2 hours and then had to go out to the wild driving world. It was tragic situation for me because all of my friends didn’t have international license and also had never driven for a while.. so I was the only one who was available. But the truth is I’d never driven manual car. Even I stopped the car in the middle of the street for a couple of days. There were no accidents. It means THAT I was the inherent best driver 🙂

Now I am really good at driving manual car. Because I could learn how to drive in France with real world, after during about a year, I could drive manual car really well on my travel journey in Europe.

Let’s not talk about my sad story anymore!

Let’s talk about bright and happy things – my journey!!



Out first stop was Marseille. We rent our car and bought some snacks to eat in the car. And also I practiced how to drive manual car. My russian friends were freaked out becasue I stopped the car in the middle of the street sometimes. Still I can hear their screaming. That night when we arrived our air b&b I cried all night because I was afraid I could keep going on my journey with that high volume of screaming. But after crying it got better so it was okay – usually when I get stressed just crying and just forgetting about it. So~~ easy.

On first day, We moved to Aix-en-Provence and Aups. Wow.. I couldn’t figure out how much I drove that day.. now I get to know how long journey it was. Wow.. I want to praise my-self now.



It was small city near Marseille. But small cities has their own unique mood. That is why I like the small city especially stuck in the middle of forest or really un-developed area than big cities. Aix-en-provence was not that small city because it was kinda big. – Actually I was panicked with my next destination I passed through a lot of things. That is so sad but it means I have another reason to go on a trip this area once more.



wow Aups!! It was unexpected treasure of our journey. I arrived in this town at about midnight and cried all night so I couldn’t figure out how beautiful it is. But the next day, I couldn’t shot my mouth because it was sooo beautiful. And also it was sunday. I could experience the flee market in small province in France. It was so exciting. How lucky I am!!


Still when I take a look at my photos I can’t believe it is real.


It looks like a portrait.


Verdon Region

After looking around the small town and had a nice breakfast, we drove around the verdon region. Around the verdon river, there are many towns with their own epic atmosphere. I couldn’t look all around there because of our schedule. If I traveled alone or with small group I would take a long time and look around all of them. And also even I thought I wanted to live there – I love peaceful atmosphere.


Even the color of the river is sooooooo epic. But epic thing come after the problem sometimes. After looking around this river, we headed to the cliff to look down the river view. And my friend were about to die because he was about to fall. So even it is beautiful but don’t fall into it. Shit…It is still creepy even just thinking about that moment.


Next cities were typical southern France coastal-line tour.

Cannes – Nice – Monaco – Menton


Nice is nice 😉


photos from the beach. It was late September but it was really warm.

Miss this place.



I want to start everyday with this breakfast:D

They were so beautiful as all the people know. And also it is really famous cities for tourism. We ate really nice franch meal everyday. Especially still I can’t miss the croissant I had in France. It has something different with typical croissant .



The overall view of Monaco from the border from France.


This is the casino situated in Monaco. We were scared about car crash in Monaco – because in Monaco there are many luxurious car on the road. Yeah.. I was too scared to drive in Monaco because I stopped the car sometimes.. 🙂 So we parked the car on the border and just walked into Monaco. Actually it didn’t take much time to look around this whole country.


And our farthest destination was Menton where is situated near the border of Italy and France. This city was really peaceful and gorgeous. The reason I liked this city was I could have my own time alone finally. Wow it was really long journey.


This is the small coastal town we visited on the way back to Marseille.

Anyway, after visiting Paris when I was 16. It was kinda reminding time about France.

The reason why I still wanna go back is the Croissant ♥. Oh I still miss this crunch and soft taste.