Big Announcement!

  I start to be a vegetarian again – fresco who eats vegetable, eggs, dairy products, fish.

I am so proud of myself that I decide to do it again. In my plan, I am going to do it permanently.

    Last week,  I finally watched Okja through Netflix. After watching Okja, I could remind about the cruelty of human society. This movie discloses the real cruelty of humans. It alerts me again.

    I love ideology of modern society – Democracy. But at the same time, I feel a little bit skeptical about consumption and capitalism in this society. It is being massive and global.  It has developed rapidly. I could see how it is being different from the past. I could see how it would be different. But sometimes it is too much…

One of its “too much” part matches with “why I am being fresco.”

    Why I don’t want to eat meet, it comes from the rebellion to factory farm.  I hate people who consider animals as consumer goods.

    Yes, I admit that we are living in food-chained ecological society. But we don’t have the right to raise them in the 1-inch foot space and kill them mercilessly.

    We all share Earth together. We should coexist together. We can share the benefit from them but shouldn’t take it away from them. We are not a thief. That is my opinion.

    It would be the message that this movie wants to share with people also.

    At least, I want to coexist with them. 

    Even though we have hunted other animals from the prehistoric era. But we didn’t do it like modern society. 

    After industrialization, there are a bunch of system of factorial farm made the life of animal meaningless. They take it without any guilty and sometimes enjoy it.

   People are being proud about their expensive leather bag and eating marbled meat in high price.

   Now it is being imprudent, thoughtless.. I hate this stream.

   We should be alert about this social trend when we are being cruel and cross the line to our ecological system. Because we merely have the superior position in ecological system, we have a right about genocide to animals.

    It could be exaggerated but in my opinion, what we do to animal is not different with invasion of colony and killing the native ruthlessly in the time of imperialism, genocide of Jewish people in World war 2, Japaneses medical experiment with living body to colonial people called Maruta.

    We know we did many wrong thing when we had a low knowledge and foundation of the law of human right. There has still genocide and violation of human right. But we have progressed than that time.

    We should be progressed to this side too.
    Not just for human but for animal.

    At least, we should appreciate them.

     Currently, there is a trend called minimalism. I love this trend. We should be skeptical about this consuming society and re-think about what do “consumption”&”capitalism” mean. Minimalism is “we should lessen our unnecessary consumption.”

I totally agree with it. So last week, I joined flee market and sold my not wearing clothes. It was sold in one hour 😀 I think I am perfect sales person. It is almost sold-out in one hour even the clothes were about 30-40 pieces.

Anyway, in this society, we need a break for consuming trend society which is running like a express train. WE NEED A BREAK.



Be honest.

Be honest. It is a motor for my life now.


I have made a lot of mistakes and those mistakes have come from when I tried to find some short-cut.

After then, I want to be strict about the rules. At least, I want to keep the boundaries. Still, I search easy method to achieve my goal.

At the same time, I recognize that if I find something more easy way, it costs another things. Yes, it comes back in other way.

When I was young, my English teacher lied about her-self a lot. The reason I knew she was lying because my mama was one of her old friends. I was sad she was lying to us. She lied about not just her-self but her family. It was because she wanted to hide her-self from people to know about her poor past.

But we knew she was lying – even my friends relatively didn’t know about her than me. Although we were young, we knew this human being is not honest to us. After realizing she was not true to us, We didn’t believe her.

Though she taught English very well, we didn’t believe her as a teacher too. Consequence of not being honest costs like this.


Even I do my best in some part, people won’t believe me even I have done my best if I am not sincere to them. Many of succeeded people who disguised themselves with schemes, even though they achieve their goal, they are not satisfied with it. Moreover, even they reach the goal, they are not as they wanted to be.

I don’t want to be like this when I achieve my goal.  I prefer not to find the short-cut. Being honest to not my-self but others would be really hard and take the time to do it. Sometimes, it is more easy to hide my-self and follow the main streams. But I don’t want to be the person most people are. I am just me. I want to be the person as I am when I reach my goal someday. 

Unforgettable Wanderlust – Morocco

I wanna post my unforgettable wanderlust today.

That is Morocco!! Traveling to Morocco was my first trip of 2016 and is my first visit to Arab-africa.


It was soooooooooooooo exciting experience I’ve ever had.


The most fun story is how I had bought the ticket to Marrakesh.

One night, I was drinking wine with friends, I had been so excited and logged into the Ryan air.
WTF, at that moment, that time had turned to next day – cuz it was midnight and it had just started promotion. So~ that’s why I flew to Monacco.


It was January but the temperature was like spring. It was so much fun to stroll around the Medina. There are markets around the square, the merchants and people were so cheerful and talkative even though some beggars bothered me.


The most amazing thing is the food in Morocco. Moroccan’s main side dish is made by chopped tomato, onion with seasoning. It matches everywhere – with bread, sausage, boiled aubergine.

In Africa, there has only Africa-sold signature coca company’s soda named hawai.
It is a little similar with Fanta but it is worth to taste.


My best food there was squeezed orange juice and corn.

From first day to third day what I did was just looking around the Medina and just eating and shopping.


And I booked the desert tour. It took about 3 days and the cost is different relatively. Because the cost depends on who did the best deal.

The desert tour contains one night staying in desert with riding camel, touring around the primitive and so on. It was 3 days tour.


In the desert, I saw the star. It was my first time to see the start like that clearly. In the city, it is hard to capture the constellation but in desert I could see them clearly.

Sleeping in the tent  was a little cold and harsh but when I rode a camel with sunrise, I could forget about the other day’s coldness.



When you travel around Morocco, there are a lot of cats walking around the street.


They were my best mate. haha 🙂

Before leaving Morocco, we took a train to Rabat which is capital city of politics.



Not like Marrakesh there weren’t so many tourists like me who is asian. People were staring at me a lot. Anyway, it was fun days.


But anyway, next time if I visit Morocco, I want to go Casablanca.

And I can’t remember the name of town. There is a town painted with white colored wall. I wanna visit there too.

Anyway, I still miss Moroccan food and everything I could feel from there.


Until I visit Morocco, please stay beautiful :3

Jeju Island Part 2 – 2017 AUGUST

My third day of comma(,) break came up~!


This day was the most important day cuz finally I could try surfing and move to the hotel.


We ran into the beach where surf class is held.


The class went on about 3hrs – from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Teachers were nice. They also run the guest house in Jeju. If I visit Jeju next time, I will stay at their place.

And also they said the water temperature is warm until December, suffers could enjoy the surfing almost 4 seasons in Jeju – But I think that is too much 🙂
Maybe it would be possible until November or October.


The weather was kinda windy not like the day before so the beach was wavy. It was perfect weather for surfers. not that sunny and wavy sea with warm temperature.

I had sung for surfing for a long time. It was the time to make my dream come true.

But I am the beginner it was kinda tough to even stand up from the board.

After exposure to the sun for a long time, I got burned 🙂


Finally, it’s like a summer now. Not tanned but burned 🙂

After surfing time, we checked in and took a rest.

The room was right next to the swimming pool. The balcony was stuck in right next to the swimming pool, we watched people and the sea with soju & Korean sushi.

After drinking soju and beers, my friend fell a sleep and I needed some more.

So I enjoyed ramen with sprite in the balcony.


Next day we drove to the forest. Jeju island is made by volcano. So Jeju island has big volcanic mountain and is surrounded by sea. We enjoyed the seaside so we drove into the mountain.

We bought massive giant gimbaps. We bought 3 and we had to have it as breakfast, lunch and dinner… We were so arrogant to decide to buy 3 layers of giant gimbap.

It is impossible to express how big it is.


But on the way to the forest… there was car accident on the way to the mountain…. I crashed our rent car.. the front bumper was smashed so we had to return our car right away…

I was shaking at that moment. I couldn’t help forgetting about the moment -car crashing moment.

But after few hours I was getting fine like normal days.

It was our last afternoon so We rent a bicycle and had bicycle tour around the hotel.


We headed to Youngduam and tried abalone with beer.


We also searched the nice café near our hotel.


It was an enjoyable experience to stroll down the street by bicycle. We could see the view which we couldn’t see if we drove by car.



In the night, we went to the bar in the old town. I couldn’t still forget about this place. The selection of their music was amazingly nice. It was much better than any other live jazz bar.


This night was little chilly so it was nice to walk around the city but the city was too quiet after 10 p.m.  Last night still remains in my mind. Good music, nice people, nice wind.


This is all about my travel diary.

Hope to leave somewhere soon. Until that time, take care~ XOXO.




P.S. Oh! If you are going to visit Jeju and need any information about my travel, comment below or email me 🙂


My new wanderlust is Jeju island.

I live in South Korea and probably as you know, territory of South Korea is like tiny little peanut.

This tiny little country has one of well-known islands with emerald-colored ocean named Jeju island.

Since I was young, I have visited this island for vacations and so on.

This time it was like summer comma(,) break for me. The reason why I call this trip as a comma(,) break is that this vacancy was too short to call  “long vacation” compared to other long vacations.

It was kind of comma(,) in the long line of busy life.


So~ then,

Let’s start about happy break.

Processed with MOLDIV

First, say “Hi” with my travel mate.

She is one of my GOOD friends. This is the first time to travel just two of us.

She must have tired because when I’m in travel I’m like crazy speed car.

I barely sleep and just keep thinking about fun stuff continuously.

For 5 days, she did really good. She stood my enthusiasm for travel very well.

From Seoul, we took a late afternoon flight.

From Seoul to Jeju, it costs around $100 for round trip – in summer season.
If it is not a high season it could be less than $50.
But it is worth to pay for high season flight ticket fee to see the summer of Jeju Island
cuz it has emerald-colored ocean and the water is warm to swim all day.

After renting our car, we drove to Guest house.

While we drove to the Guest house. We could enjoy the view of sunset by the sea.

For 4 nights of the trip, we stayed 2 nights in the guest house and 2 nights in the hotel.

I chose not-a-good-mannered guest house this time. But it is always nice experience to meet other travelers at this place.

Next morning, we headed straight to Hyeopjae Beach.


Can you see how transparent the water is??
It was soooooo grateful that I could see this view.

Right next to the beach, there are a lot of cafes on the seaside.
Before swimming time, we had a cup of coffee and took a photo.
This is the view from the terrace of cafe.
Isn’t it sooooo beautiful? uh?


And then, now it’s swimming time~~


We borrowed this doughnut-shaped tube and ran into the water.

I really fall into this film camera filter lately

I bought Gudak app which is like real film camera. I could take just 24 shots like real film.
And I have to wait about 3 days to get this pictures like real film camera.

Tomorrow my first film would be uploaded on my album. It is so exciting.


After this drastic swimming session, we showered and headed to the central city.

We met our colleague who lives in Jeju.

We walked around the old town of Jeju.


The old town was vintage kinda street filled with young people.


How cool~

After this tough day, I went to bed right after coming back from the city cuz I had to be ready for the surf day!!!

Can’t wait to post my part 2 blog post.

See you soon.

Last days in Vietnam

It’s been a long day without my friend and I tell you all about it when I’m see you again….

It’s been really long time since I posted my last vietnam days.. and I missed few of the days of my trip because I was being lazy.

Last days when I haven’t posted my blog were individual tough schedule and filled with my laziness to my dear blog 😹

Anyway, here I am!

Where should I start from?
Ummm.. maybe from arriving resort station. My real start of vacation which means doing nothing 🤗


What I did in Hue is ..


staying around the pool


having breakfast



staying around the pool again


sometimes reading a book -still I’m reading this book haha..


,sometimes walking around the resort


FullSizeRender 105

,watching the sunset in the pool and having dinner in the restaurant situated right next to the pool



and taking a bubble bath for good night


those were all I did in the resort.

After this break times..

I moved to Da Nang by this modern train.


The rail straights through the shoreline. I could enjoy the nice view.



After arriving in Da Nang, what I did was just eating nice food and shopping for my-self.
There has a oil named Cajuput which costs really cheaper than massage shop.

And this is what I ate in Da Nang.


There are so many restaurants recommended on the blog.

Just one thing I want to recommend!



That is coconut jelly.

I found this place near the dragon bridge. Local people bought this while they drove down the street and this dessert shop was filled with local people. People who visits Da Nang should try this all!! It was my numero.1 recommended Vietnamese style dessert.


Anyway it’s been a long time since I visited Vietnam.

See you soon wherever in the world.